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 District VII Detroit

Presents an exhibition of natural and unnatural disproportions...

  Odditorium Detroit Volume 2: "Wunderkammer"

Two days only!

Friday May 3, 2013 8pm-2am
Saturday May 4, 2013 8pm-2am
All ages welcome  (parental discretion is advised due to the nature of some exhibits)

Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance via Brown Paper Tickets
$15 General Admission
$25 VIP Admission -
VIP's gain access to an exclusive lounge area stocked with treats

Odditorium Detroit takes place at District VII Detroit located here.

ODDITORIUM DETROIT Volume 2 "Wunderkammer"

An Art and Entertainment event of natural and unnatural disproportions...

“Odditorium Detroit” can only be described as a lost museum of artifacts and art.  A place where nature and science meet denial and disbelief. Collections on display for your knowledge and enjoyment include: medical/surgical antiques, dental antiques, morgue related items, animal specimens in jars, mummified animal specimens, taxidermy, antique last rites set, functioning behavior modification machine, electrical shock devices, electrical marvels like Jacobs ladder, voodoo arts, masks, and mixed media displays.  
If you missed the first "Odditorium Detroit" you will not want to miss Volume 2! "Wunderkammer" is an Art, Science, and Technology exhibit unlike anything seen in Detroit. We construct a cerebral atmosphere that invites curiosity and wonder while exploring creativity. Features in the exhibit includes scientific specimens, antique medical paraphernalia, psychiatric devices, chemistry equipment, quack contraptions, mortuary equipment, taxidermy, historical Detroit curiosities, interactive displays, film & video, and a myriad of artists from around the world conjuring up unique perspectives of all things Odd. This Odditorium we are very pleased to offer a comprehensive variety of curiosities, keepsakes, gadgets, and art in our newly constructed store quadrant. 

Both opening nights include a diverse lineup of Musicians, Performance Artists, Belly Dancers, Side Show Acts, Lectures, and Demonstrations.  

Featuring Performances by:

  • Satori Circus
  • Lushes LaMoan 
  • Christopher Bogucki
  • Adina Gamal and Detroit Shimmy
  • Chanton Noir
  • Wingless Feuer
  • Shadowe Feuer
  • Kylie Djinn
  • I.A. Feuer:Automaton aka Micho Detronik
  • Mickey Alice Kwapis, Taxidermy Lecture
  • Michael Brophy of Reptile Inc
  • Doc Colony, Musical Host
  • Case Managerz
  • Vitriol Gauge & Maschine Language
  • Silent ech0
  • Dante d'orchestra

District VII will be raffling off some very special devices and specimens from the District VII vault!  

Wunderkammer takes place in the infamous District VII Warehouse

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