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An Art and Entertainment event of natural and unnatural disproportions...

“Odditorium Detroit” can only be described as a lost museum of artifacts and art.  A place where nature and science meet denial and disbelief. Collections on display for your knowledge and enjoyment include: medical/surgical antiques, dental antiques, morgue related items, animal specimens in jars, mummified animal specimens, taxidermy, antique last rites set, functioning behavior modification machine, electrical shock devices, electrical marvels like Jacobs ladder, voodoo arts, masks, and mixed media displays.   Our first Odditorium Detroit took place in November/December 2012 at District VII.  It was an immense success bringing people in from all over Metro Detroit, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.  Artists from all over the world took part in this exclusive event.

Odditorium Detroit 2012 - Images from our first Odditorium
  Recording Ech0labs at District VII "Odditorium Detroit"   
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